Magical moments in denim

It is really hard to express in words how exciting it is to try on a new pair of Blessed & Cursed-Jeans after a 3-months period of development.

The Global Premium Denim Market is still moving and the competitors are constantly improving. Therefore, our initial approach was the development of an extraordinary product strategy to stand out from the crowd. We are feeling blessed to have achieved an exclusive collaboration with ISKO™ who is a world leader in denim innovation. From his wide range of innovative products, we have selected luxurious high performance fabrics for the new Blessed & Cursed collection. In close cooperation with Creative Room, the ISKO™ related design studio in Venice, Italy, we have developed unique washing- and treatment processes. Every single pair has been designed in London with an inspiration of the colourful city and handcrafted in Italy which is known for its expertise in high-end denim production.

Yesterday I have traveled to Venice to view and finally approve the finalized Blessed & Cursed developments. For me as the Designer, it feels like Christmas in the childhood to see a new collection for the first time, excited whether you get what you were dreaming of. And I must admit - the dream came true! Every single piece of the new Blessed & Cursed collection is a composition of a great performing and comfortable material with a unique look and a perfect fit.

After my return from Italy, I couldn’t wait to wear the new Skinny Leg-Jeans which has been always the most important fit in the women’s part of any Blessed & Cursed collection. As you can possibly imagine, it is a challenge to create a Skinny Leg blue jeans as it is the most popular piece in the Premium Denim Market. For the next season, we have re-invented the style with a “state-of-the-art” approach. The higher waist makes your legs look slightly longer and the technical sophistication of the back should flatter every woman. On this picture, I am wearing SPARK but there are 3 other washes available in this amazing cut and fabric such as BRAVERY, DEVIL DRIVE and KINGDOM.

I am proud and excited about the new collection and really can’t wait to see the first person in the streets of London wearing and enjoying the new high-performance Jeans by Blessed & Cursed.

For to know more about the ingredients and details of a Blessed & Cursed-Jeans, visit the website of our manufacturer ISKO™ and Creative Room:

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