In denim heaven: Meeting with Ian Berry Art

It has been love at first sight when I’ve noticed the amazing art of Ian Berry first on a cover of the Sportswear International in 2014. Ian Berry Art is the world’s most famous and talented Denim Artist. His photorealistic artworks are made from thousands of pieces of denim. The accurate and amazing art it is hard differentiate from a painting - even from touching distance.

After my relocation to London I immediately took the opportunity to get in touch with the great British Artist. After a we’ve started a little chat via social media, he invited me to his studio, which is located only a couple of miles away from my atelier in London.

When I came into his place, I was literally in heaven. The whole floor was covered with jeans and denim pieces in different colours and shades from various brands and for me it was absolutely overwhelming to see his stunning artwork in real for the first time.

He invited me for a cup of coffee and we sat down on his lovely balcony. During our emotional and kind chat, we immediately found out how many things we’ve got in common in common and were talking about common friends in the industry- the Denim World is really a small place…. and Ian is really a great character! It has been a big pleasure to meet with him – and I am very much looking forward to the future and the great things resulting from our enjoyable acquaintance.

I would highly recommend all denim lovers to go to the Pepe Jeans Store on 59-61 Regent Street in Central London to see his great art in real. For me it was an extraordinary experience.

With a blessing,


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