FRIDAY 13TH - Brand Launch in London

I can’t find the right words to express how excited and blessed I feel about to launch Blessed & Cursed in the United Kingdom and to have hosted a great launch event on Friday 13th which we thought was the perfect date to celebrate the touchdown of the brand in the amazing capital London.

But to be honest with you, the last week has been a roller coaster for me, which was absolutely blessed and cursed at the same time. We have rented the location weeks ago when it was still under construction but the Landlord promised us to finish the work on time.

When we arrived in Notting Hill on the 12th in the morning with all our stuff to start setting up the venue, the whole premises have been in a disastrous condition with an open ceiling and unpainted walls. I literally was in shock for almost the whole day and after we have left the place at 10 pm in the night, the mess wasn’t really better. I couldn’t find any sleep at night because we were expecting 30 people for the next day’s event and more than a third of them came from overseas and booked the flights and hotels already.

Luckily I had my friend Michael from Zurich in town and we were both considering alternatives during the whole night. When we arrived at the place at 9 am on the 13th October, at least the walls were painted but we needed to start a massive cleaning. However, with an utmost effort, we finally made it to set up the venue right on time and thankfully we were finished when the first guests arrive. For me as a creative mind and especially with my German perfection by nature, it has been a walk through a kind of a hell.

I luckily have booked a hotel nearby where I had the chance to get dressed for the event. For to cover the wrinkles after the night without sleep, I have quickly put a STARSKIN mask on my face and relaxed for 10 minutes before I needed to start performing and looking like nothing has happened. Fortunately, I am blessed with an acting talent, so I guess no one of the guests really realized my walk through hell.

In the end, we have celebrated a great night with our collaborating brand partner ISKO DENIM and amazing people like Ian Berry Art and Ronya Galka. We have treated our guests with EDEN SPARKLING, a delicious new champagne in blue color. The lighting concept has been provided by WIZ and has been professionally installed by Thomas Walch himself, who is the representative of Wiz and a German fellow.

Last but not least I would like to mention that I am absolutely fascinated by the immaculate outcome of the new Blessed & Cursed denim collection and thankful about a great job of our Italian producer and ISKO Denim for outstanding fabric innovations and performances.

I especially have to thank my wonderful friends Michael, Rachel, and Roland who really helped me in one of the most challenging moments in life. I strongly believe in life sends you challenges to see whether you are ready for the next step and I think we have proofed with that performance that we are. And it shows once more that life is Blessed & Cursed. And big thanks to Ronya for the great photographs.

Thank you, London!

x Nicola

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