Store opening in London

It has been the best idea ever to open a Pop-up store in Notting Hill for the brand launch of Blessed & Cursed in the United Kingdom. After being one week in the store so far, I could already write a book about pleasant people around and various inspiring moments.

First of all, the neighborhood in Notting Hill is absolutely lovely and I could not imagine to find a better place in London where to sell our Premium Jeans. And I feel blessed by the great support of wonderful London characters like Laurent Feniou from Cartier, my favorite artist Ian Berry, Stuart Trevor( who is the founder of All Saints and a real genius), Aliia Roza, an amazing London fashion influencer, Ronya Galka photography among various other nice people in town.

It is awesome to being in the store myself and present the range to the locals and it is completely different compared to our previous store location in Hamburg. The Londoners are extremely open-minded and they love discovering new brands and celebrating being the first one. The majority of people is super interested about the products and the stories behind Blessed & Cursed and the amazing brands we are partnering with such as Florian London and Ollie Quinn.

I discovered the handbags by Florian London when I was planning the recent campaign street style shoot for Blessed & Cursed and I loved their amazing and stylish handbags and handprinted leather bags straight away. The quality is exceptional - they are made in London - and I could not not resist to treat myself with the mustard colored Mini Vienna after the shoot was finished. The handbags are so eye-catching and pull the clients in the store.

I got in touch with Ollie Quinn glasses when I needed new glasses after a serious eye injury last year. I first discovered the London based brand in their store in Canary Wharf where you can find a wide range of different fashionable frames incl. prescription glasses for just 98 £. I couldn’t believe to get this excellent quality and stylish design for such an affordable price. After we were collaborating with them with their sunglass collection for the campaign as well, I am more than happy to display a selection of their stylish sunnies now in the Blessed & Cursed store.

After I have worked as a designer and buying manager behind the scenes for almost my whole business life, it is absolutely great to personally get in touch with the clients and experience their immediate reactions and really appreciate the quick feedback.

I am very much looking forward to the next 2 weeks and to experience all the small and bigger adventures in Notting Hill.

Have a great weekend everybody and hope to see you soon in our store at 12 Needham Road



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